image.jpegThe second lecdem today was on folk music of Chattisgarh. The notes were by Prof Ashok Tewari who could not make it and so these were read out. The performing team was led by Rakesh Tewari and team – genuine folk artistes, from different parts of the state. Here are some pieces performed-

Sohar – sung by women when baby is born. Episodes from Ramayana especially birth of Rama
Chol mATi and tEl mATi sung when collecting soil for erecting posts for weddings. The women sing when the men go for this
TEl chaggi – when turmeric is smeared on bride and groom
Parghauni – welcoming of groom in wedding. This was performed today only by a woodwind instrument.
Bhadauni -teasing of grooms family during wedding feast – jokes about specific members of family by women
Bidai – farewell to bride – events from her childhood & best wishes
KAyA khaNDi – chattisgarhi sufi singing based on Kabir – sung by Rakesh Tewari
satnAm bhajan by Guru Ghasi Das – also sung during panthi dance- chorus
Karma – sung and danced while worshipping Karam Deo – chorus
Bhojli – observed by girls during rains, seedlings are grown in pots and these are then immersed on Raksha Bandhan day. Songs are sung everyday
Dadariya – sung by men and women, expressions of love
Gaura Geet – on Shiva Parvati on night before Dipavali
Jasgit – Songs in praise of mother goddess during navrAtri
Sarhul – marking beginning of cultivation season
Parav – festival in southern part of state
Bhartari – tales of Raja Bhratruhari
PanDvAni two styles – vedmati and kApAlik style – Mahabharata tales – whole night music
bAnsgit – using instrument of hollow bamboo comprising mythological tales – Raut community
PhAg – presented during holi

Sangita Kalanidhi TV Gopalakrishnan felicitated the team. At my request, one woman from team stood up and demonstrated pANDavni in kApAlik style as I have seen Tijanbai do. This was truly wonderful. Sanjay said in his summing up that it reminded him of Savitri in Maya Bazar! A great morning.The team of 14 travelled to Chennai thanks to Government of Chattisgarh sponsoring them. One sidelight – they enjoyed breakfast at canteen today and one of the old men took me aside and asked me about the photos of past musicians in the lobby. Told them about the Sangita Kalanidhis.