The Global Investors’ Meet got (GIM) over last month. Sadly for The Man from Madras Musings, he had to miss it, what with his having to be elsewhere. If only he had been around, he is pretty much sure that he would have enough material to fill several columns of this size for months on end. For instance, as he could see from the newspapers, there was this laser display on the riverside, a speech by a certain minister that drew much traction and titillation not to mention derision… But let us draw a veil of modesty over such outlandish manifestations of our international mindset.

Returning to home base, MMM noticed that everyone in officialdom is going about with a smug look and those that are agile are patting themselves on the back. After all, Yoga is one of the many things we gave the world, apart from the first head transplant. Targets have been met, said one panjandrum to MMM, adding that other States were going green with envy. MMM too is delighted for he would like this to be a land of milk and honey. Apparently much of the promised investment is in the area of green technology, which appears to be the in-thing these days. Give us our daily sunlight and plenty of wind, appears to be the prayer.

MMM did notice on return that it was not just the surrounding States that went green. Madras that is Chennai too donned that colour, this being the current favourite shade of power if those in the know are to be believed. Flyovers went green and continue to remain that way. Even poor old Munro was not spared. Driving by the other day, MMM noticed that the man was illuminated in a light precisely of that colour. And while on the subject of lights, what MMM would like to know is whether the promise of illuminating public heritage buildings during the GIM was carried out. MMM rather suspects that it was not and the structures were allowed to languish.

Everybody worked overtime to achieve the targets set, said the same panjandrum to MMM, on condition of strict anonymity of course. Apparently GIM had to be a success and, if not, the future for many was predicted to be GRIM. This set the tone and the event, as it turned out, was termed a hit. Which is all to the good. MMM will be more than happy to see the colour of the money, also green, that he is sure will soon be making its way by way of the projects taking off. Otherwise, after all this effort, MMM’s friend the panjandrum and others of his ilk will be left blue in the face, the State’s bottomline in the red and the future would be grey.

Another panjandrum, with some affinity to those in the opposition, said that the ones out of power were quite sick at the way the GIM turned out. Their own future they opined was likely to be grim and they were apparently very glum about it. This rather puzzled MMM. After all, everyone in politics is supposed to be working for the welfare of the same State, no?