The Man from Madras Musings has received several emails and messages asking whether the meeting that MMM Sar was to attend with the Government Sar (ref ‘Short and Snappy’ in MM issue dated March 16th) ever took place. To this MMM is very happy to respond by stating that the meeting did happen, and how!

The meeting was rescheduled to a particular date at 3.00 pm and promptly at 2.45, MMM could be seen, by those who cared to notice, walking up a broad staircase that was spick and span and, what was more, devoid of any posters or billboards praising the ruler of the day. The corners were also free of any betel juice. MMM was asked to present himself at an electronic identification counter that, having checked MMM’s retina and made sure that it was indeed he, allowed MMM in.

Having walked ahead, MMM was welcomed by a smiling receptionist who then ushered him into a meeting room where the Government Sar was waiting. The other invitees came in and the meeting began on the dot of three. The Government Sar had read all his notes and no time was wasted on picking up lost and tangled threads. The Government Sar also informed the attendees upfront that the meeting would last exactly thirty minutes by which time he expected everyone to have reached a conclusion on the matter at hand. He also said that the minutes of the meeting would be circulated within an hour of the meeting with clear action points and dates for everyone concerned.

The meeting then proceeded apace, but not before Government Sar requested everyone to keep his/her cell phone on silent mode. His own, he said, he would keep switched off during the meeting so that he was not distracted in any way. Thereafter the only other interruption was a tea lady wheeling in a trolley from which each attendee could select the beverage of his/her choice apart from a snack or two. Government Sar took copious notes, was all eyes and ears and made extremely pertinent observations. A budget was worked out for the task to be done and, being within Government Sar’s discretionary powers, it was sanctioned at once. As the clock on Government Sar’s desk buzzed the half hour, it was time to shake hands and leave.

As committed by Government Sar the minutes of the meeting were ready for MMM to see via email as he reached his office. From then on, most discussions were over phone and the planned task was completed to the satisfaction of all by the agreed date. The inauguration was a simple matter, Government Sar opining that this being a routine development, there was no reason for any fanfare.

Taken all in all, it was an excellent experience. MMM was delighted by it all and hopes that he will be called in to work on committees with the Government more often in the near future. Government Sar and MMM have also become good friends and the former often drops in to pick the brains of the latter and, when he does come, he always drives his car which, incidentally, is sans a revolving red beacon on its hood.

Now, friends, MMM trusts that the above story satisfies you all. Before you move on to the story below, remember that this issue of Madras Musings was printed on April 1st. You are advised to use discretion in believing the contents of the above story.