NSC Bose Road
NSC Bose Road

Our next heritage walk is on February 15th, down China Bazaar or NSC Bose Road as it is better known. Did you know-

– that this was once a river?
– that the original boundary of Madras stands at one end of it?
– that the Madras Christian College once stood here?
– that the oldest Sabha, the first school, the first temples of Town and the first building constructed with American aid all stand here?
– that the infamous Alavandar of the famed kolai once worked here?
– that the first drainage of the city had its outlet right here and when it was opened on a fixed day each week, all hell would break loose?
– that the great Tyagaraja must have walked down this road?
– that the first art deco styled building in the city stands here?

And a lot more.

The walk, priced at Rs 500 per head, will begin at 6.00 am and will last till 8.00 am followed by breakfast at a historic eatery on the same road. Dont worry, we will be home by the time the India -Pak cricket match gains some momentum!

We are full up folks! See you next time!