Prasanna Vinayakar Temple, Barber's Bridge
Prasanna Vinayakar Temple, Barber’s Bridge

We are all familiar with the four Mada Veethis and the grand Temple with its tank in the centre. All that is probably not more than 400 years old. What of the old Mylapore? The original village that stood witness to the arrival of Tirugnanasambandar and Arunagirinathar, the arrival of Vasco Da Gama to check out if a tomb for St Thomas existed here, the village that served the needs of the Portuguese and later the marauding Dutch and Golconda forces? Where is that Mylapore? Let us explore the by lanes of this fascinating village on Sunday, January 11, 2015. The walk is being conducted as part of the Mylapore Festival and will begin at 6.00 am at the Prasanna Vinayakar Temple by the side of the old Hamilton (Barber’s) Bridge.

This is a free walk and requires no prior registration. The downside is that there will be no breakfast as well! Please bring your cameras. Also remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for some brisk walking. If you are allergic to the sun, remember to wear caps, goggles and sunblock. Please bring your own drinking water. There are no toilets anywhere en route.

Look forward to seeing you.