Edward Elliots Road had it all – starting with the scandal in its name – eccentric but brilliant lawyers who never went to court, others who made it big in law, doctors who were also social reformers, Brahmins who converted to Christianity, judges who worried about population, actresses who claimed to descend from royalty, singers whose brilliance was unmatched, Mamas who built the Music Academy, Iyengars who were into timber and of course the one and only philosopher who became President of India. There were besides filmmakers who ran magazines, others who did not, industrial barons and also, insolvents.

Essentially an upper class Tambrahm enclave, Radhakrishnan Road has a few shreds of evidence of its colourful past. But the old wives’ tales it can tell ….

Come and participate in the next heritage walk, to be held on July 20, 2014, starting 6.00 am, lasting two-and-a-half hours and ending with breakfast.

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