An app to track Chennai's heritage
An app to track Chennai’s heritage

Our city, founded in 1639 as a small piece of no man’s land, has grown into a vast metropolis. Any space that grows over the years and keeps adding to its population makes history almost every minute of its existence. Dotted about Chennai are several historic buildings, parks, entertainment spaces, streets and homes that have a tale to tell. Unfortunately with the pressure of urban growth and modernisation, these stand in danger of being forgotten. The application Past Forward is an attempt to create a virtual space for Chennai’s past and its vibrant heritage.

Put together by well-known writer and historian Sriram V, and developed by Broadgate Technical Services (India) Pvt Limited which is into the mobile application development space (, it helps you identify various heritage spots and learn the story behind them as you go walking or driving around Madras that is Chennai. You simply need to locate a structure or space that intrigues you and check if this app has its tale. In case it does not, we encourage you to send us a photograph of the location and we will see that it is soon up on our app, with details of its past. The application is currently available in two versions – for Android and Apple phones.

This is just the beginning. By registering on our app, you will receive articles on various aspects of Chennai, on a regular basis. We are also planning to offer other features as we go along.

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