Dear Friends

For a project that I am working on, I require photographs of the following Presidents/Mayors and Commissioners of the Corporation of Madras/Chennai. In case you have any links/references/sources, please do let me know:

Presidents and Mayors

SD Pears – 1902-1906
ES Lloyd, ICS – 1906-1910
N MacMichael, ICS – 1907
PL Moore, CIE, ICS – 1910-1914
JC Molony, ICS – 1914-1919
HH Burkitt, ICS- 1917-1918
TS Ramaswami Iyer- 1931-1932
Abdul Hameed Khan – 1935-1936
J Shivashanmugam Pillai – 1937-1938
C Basudev – 1940-1941
S Ramaswami Naidu- 1948-1949
T Chengalvaroyan – 1952-1953


EHM Bower, ICS
GT Boag, ICS
VN Subbarayan
N Sankaran
R Balasubramaniam
Ghulam Mohammed Basha
JV Satchidananda Rao