Here is the second list. Many thanks for those who are sending in their suggestions.

1. Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy, the WIA and the Cancer Institute (Revathi Ram
2. Romulus Whitaker and the Crocodile Bank (Navneeth – my old faithful commentator)
3. Integral Coach Factory (Apoors, Revathi R and Ravi Srinivasan)
4. Vivek’s (Karthik Bhatt – brother in arms in heritage)
5. Dakshinchitra (Apoors)
6. Landmark Quiz (Apoors)
7. Now, I am going to add my favourites – The Travancore Sisters (Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini) (it was Sushi Ravindranath who suggested them though)
8. The Great Bollywood Divas – Vyjayanthimala Bali
9. Hema Malini
10. Rekha
11. Sridevi
12. Ambika Appalam (Viji Ganesh) – I am sure packets of it are travelling all the time to the US)
13. Sivaji Ganesan say Girish and Arasi, and if so, then
14. MGR cannot be far behind
15. What about our very own Mu Ka and his Thi Mu Ka aka DMK?
16. And then J Jayalalithaa
17. But hang on, are we not forgetting good old Anna?
18. Dr MS Swaminathan
19. Dr V Shantha
20. Dr Y Nayudamma
21. What about the great Congress stalwarts – K Kamaraj
22. His guru, S Satyamurti
23. His close friend and the first woman Tamil novelist and publisher – Vai Mu Kothainayaki
24. C Subramaniam
24. Good old R Venkataraman (whatever industrialisation we have is in a way due to him and also…)
25. …TTK, though he could be vengeful
26. That clever old man – Sir CP Ramaswami Aiyar
27. MRF which was in a way due to him (though he did not plan it that way)
28. What? A list without Dinamani asks Arasi
29. and adds Indian Express for good measure
30. Crazy Mohan says Karthik Bhatt that theatre enthusiast
31. And adds S Ve Sekhar the two men who taught us to laugh.
32. Then I will add Marina aka Bharanidharan aka Sridhar aka Pon Bhaskara Marthandan
33. What about Madan the cartoonist – Sirippu thirudan Singaravelu, Veettu Taragar Punyakodi, Rettaival Rengudu et al?
34. Kalki asks Sookshma rather tentatively
35. Polaris I say
36. And Cognizant Technology
37. India Pistons I add as it was the first automotive ancillary in the whole of India
38. Indira Parthasarathy the dramatist
39. SP Balasubramaniam
40. P Suseela
41. TM Soundararajan
42. Dasaprakash Dosai says Viji Ganesh
43. S Muthiah
44. Tamil Isai Sangam (would we sing anything in Tamil had it not been for it?)
45. Cooum surprisingly has received an overwhelming vote!
46. Tamil Nadu Archives (oldest in the world)
47. Corporation of Chennai (second oldest in the world)
48. Madras Christian College
49. PS High School says Revathi R
50. Then we must have Lady Sivaswami School as well and also M Ct M.