This year, on 22nd August, our beloved Chennai will step into its 375th year. I can see Delhi, Madurai and other ancient towns scoffing at this juvenile age but then, Chennai is older than Kolkata and Mumbai, so there.

I am sure there will be enough and more celebrations as we go along. But my idea is to compile a list of 375 institutions, places, buildings, people and ideas from here that made an impact on the world/India. I allude to probables such as Rajaji, Indo-Saracenic style, Viswanathan Anand and the December Music Season.

I have already got a list of 100. I request bloggers, my FB friends and Twitter followers to add to it. Before you ask me to share my list, I would like you to send in your entries so that I can ensure that the list is not skewed, one way or the other.

Those that make it to the list will be profiled on the blog.