Where have they gone?

1. Jod repair
2. Pazhaya Paperrrr
3. Eversilver patra saamaaaan
4. Arakeere molakeere (an uncle is said to have had a crush on her)
5. The harsh sound of the knife-sharpeners wheel
6. The snake charmer’s been
7. Gudugudupandi
8. Krishnaaayil
9. The man who climbed the coconut tree (girls were told not to look up when he was there)
10. The indigent Brahmin who recited vedas and shlokas at the door
11. Maa Paal! (the woman who delivered this became pregnant a year after her husband died. A neighbour’s son was the principal suspect. The abortion was funded for some reason by several women in the colony.)
12. Saar post
13. The woman who sold Sabena (a toilet cleaning powder)
14. The man from the Corporation who came to drop fish into the well
15. Uppundu (some such sound meant the chap who sold salt, garlic and tamarind)
16. Kodai repair