The flightless bird of Australian origin (three lett­ers) is back on the radar of The Man from Madras Musings. MMM’s regulars will recollect that there were two. Now there is only one and, if matters proceed the way they are now, soon there will be none. And that may perhaps be a better fate for the bird than what it is going through now.

The emu has a habit of breaking free and running in the middle of traffic. The owner charges after it on a scooter and tries to control it with a stick. The poor bird, crazed by the noise and the vehicles, runs helter-skelter and is beaten by passers-by and pushed around by the cars. This has become a daily drama on MMM’s regular beat. It is only a question of time before the bird gets involved in a crash.

MMM’s heart goes out to the creature. It has been uprooted from its native surroundings and brought to an alien land where it is being treated cruelly. Is this what globalisation is all about?