India Today pays tribute to Lalgudi

The following extract is from India Today 6th May 2013. The spellings and content are as they appeared under the deaths column:

Carnatic great Lalgudi Jayaraman, 82, whose artistry made him a part of a legendary trinity of vioinists. Jayarama’s collaborators included violinist Yehudi Menuhin and singer Bombay Jayashri.





7 responses to “India Today pays tribute to Lalgudi”

  1. Vikram Avatar


  2. G B Subramanian Avatar
    G B Subramanian

    You have to be a North Indian, in India that is Bharath, to gain proper recognition. I remember that when I was in Bombay in the sixties, the Sindhis used to enjoy the “acting” of Hema Malini only because they thought that she was actually Hema Mallani. !

  3. arasi Avatar

    Sad 🙁

    I’m tempted to say, ‘this is India today’, but won’t.
    After all, one seems to lose the right to criticize the land if one doesn’t live there any more…

  4. G.R.Ramakrishnan Avatar

    Lalgudi Jayaraman is has much better credentials and achievement as a performer,teacher and composer than Ravi shankar to deserve Bharat Ratna,but he was a south Indian, hence was not honoured

  5. Vikram Avatar

    Don’t agree with the North Indian vs South Indian debate here. It is a mistake and deserves to be condemned given the sheer genius involved….but lets leave it at that

  6. arasi Avatar

    imaya mudal kumari varai (from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari), it’s Mother India today–and it has been so for ages. If we feel divisions by way of mere geographic lines, it’s questionable.

    We should not forget that politics which is governed by self-interests is the cause for ignorant perspectives and decisions. In this instance, we see that some journalists do not bother to take enough care in their reporting.

    The point here is not whether Ravi Sankar or Lalgudi deserve the honors more. It’s about accurate and professional coverage of a distinguished musician.

  7. Rahul Avatar

    Their ignorance cannot be an excuse for their insolence. This is not only a despicable tribute to Lalgudi Sri Jayaraman’s greatness, but also to the giants he accompanied.

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