This morning’s obit on PBS in the Indian Express takes the cake.

It confuses between the legend and the more modern playback singer Srinivas and rather seamlessly blends the two lives in a joint obituary!. Obviously there was a mix up between two Google screens or perhaps two Wikipedia entries.And anyway, can Raja Bhoja be combined with Gangu the oil monger?

I could not bear it. So I called the New Indian Express (the local edition) and asked my good friend Babu Jeyakumar the editor, as to how this could happen. He clarified that this obit was not in his paper but in The Indian Express, the north Indian division and that they had taken it from a Press Trust of India release. God knows how many more papers have carried the same thing.

Would I translate Kalangalil Aval Vasantham as She is the Spring of Seasons? And can Mayakkama Thayakkama be Is it a Faint or a Hesitation? Anyway, leaving aside the corny English, what shocks is the lack of knowledge. We need more VAK Ranga Raos and Bharadwaj Rangans.