Nowadays I read the power cut schedule carefully, chiefly to get a laugh out of the typos. Here are some samples:

Update on 24th March 2013

Lattangas Road (for Lettangs Road)

Madam Lane – How exciting! What does she do? Her establishment is apparently somewhere in Kilpauk. I strongly suspect it is Mandapam Lane

Ram Samy Street – Full marks for alliteration

And then the old ones –

Top Under Nagar (Todhunter Nagar)
Gazette Begum Street (Ghaseti Begum Street)
Duvaraga Colony (Dwarka Colony – this is a #kogul of the first water)
Creams Road (Graemes Road)
Old Pensnioners Lane (obvious)
Starahans Road – Strahans Road
Venkadashalam St (obvious)
Oil Mangan Street (Oilmongers St)
Ribbon Buildings
Hoddows Road

This list will be added to. Watch this space.