The Man from Madras Musings notes that everyone is celebrating. From the highest in the land downward. February-March is the time when powers-that-be and powers-that-have-been both celebrate birthdays and the faithful make sure that these are gala events. Mass weddings are the norm with the age of the celebrities being celebrated dictating the number of couples being wedded. More often than not, the celebrated did not come to the events, but the celebrants made sure that the celebrations went on without the absence being felt.

MMM attended them all. Not that he was invited. But all the events took place at a venue close, rather much too close, to MMM. No matter that our State politics is such that only one party attends the Assembly at any given point of time, they celebrated their birthday parties at the same venue, though not on the same date. The venue in question is a vast open-air location, which was historically meant for young men to develop their physique, oratory and clean healthy habits. But now it is used for events where young men flaunt their physique by way of security to leaders, the latter flaunting their oratorical skills. As for clean healthy habits, let us say that those are good in theory and something everyone must aim to have but not really strive towards.

The mass weddings must have been exceedingly popular given the huge number of our populace that descended at the venue. Crackers were burst, drums were beaten, dancers danced, cheerleaders cheered, sloganeers shouted and above all, the speakers spoke. MMM’s ears are still recovering. Those who laughed all the way to the bank were those who hired out the venue, put up the stage and other accompaniments and supplied what had to be supplied. Strangely enough, MMM noticed, the suppliers of the accoutrements for the event were common to celebrants of all hues. And after the event, those who had to clean up were also common as were those who lived in the neighbourhood and suffered while the event was in progress. Truly we are a united nation.

There was another aspect in which everyone was united – the absence of power cuts. Be it the Regina Imperatrix’s birthday or that of the heir (now) apparent of the opposition, the powers that be ensured power was supplied without interruption at least as long as the events went on.

But leaving that aside, MMM would like to point out that Madras Musings is shortly to have a birthday. After all, every magazine in the country begins a new volume on 1st April and MM is no exception. And so why should the Chief not loosen the purse strings and hire this venue? MMM is certain that mass weddings can also be organised. As for crackers and the rest, they can be hired for just about any event and so why not this one? The only element that cannot be taken for granted is uninterrupted power supply. MM is not all that powerful you know.