The Man from Madras Musings has been badgered with phone calls, sms, emails and messages on Facebook asking about the whereabouts and well-being of the emus that he wrote about last fortnight. MMM is happy to report that they are doing well. Last week MMM was out walking when he saw the duo. They have taken to running along with the traffic and MMM noted them merrily keeping pace with scooters and cyclists, the latter being a great favourite. Two or three were sent crashing into ditches by these enterprising birds. No question of any ennui with these emi (or is it emus?) on the roads. MMM regretted that he was without a camcorder, rather like those big game hunters who regretted not having brought along their guns the moment they saw the emu. Or was it the gnu? MMM is always confused about this. And who knows? Perhaps the gnu will make its appearance on our roads too.

Not everyone is particularly happy with the appearance of the emu. The local TASMAC has seen a marked dip in business. The birds apparently have taken to jumping out of dark corners the moment they see anyone moving around with unsteady gait. The sudden shock of seeing some tall and ungainly creature leaping at them has made many a toper swear off his drink. The political party whose scion made it his business to put up statutory warnings on alcoholic refreshments may as well adopt the emu as its party symbol. Its fortunes may soar, but then the emu is a flightless bird and so it may not augur well.