Went to the Music Academy to hear Prof KG Vijaykrishnan on the vina and the voice. The presentation was based on a simple format. Audio recordings of past and present singers and the same played on the veena by the Professor. He showed how he had tried to make the veena as close to the voice as possible. Next was Chitravina Ravikiran on sruti values on the Chitravina.

In the evening went back to the Academy for what to me is always a high point in the Season calendar – Sanjay’s concert. And it was great. endudAginADo in tODi must have been heard in that hall for the first time after Musiri. Then an RTP in Arabhi. A rare Swati Tirunal piece in sarasvati manOhari was in the middle with some delectable chitta swarams. Had tea at the Academy. Pfouagh to quote Captain Haddock.

I am off the Season for two days.Back in action on the 29th. Enjoy!