In case the Sabhas get around to awarding the Golden Raspberry to the worst performers, they can refer to this list of suggested titles. For the sake of convenience, the Sabhas are arranged in alphabetical order, after the Music Academy, which as we all know is the Rajinikanth of the music world and therefore defies classification in a mere alphabet.

The Music Academy : Sangita Kaalanidhi
Bharat Kalachar: Ayyo Kolai Battery
Brahma Gana Sabha : Sangeeta Bhasmam
Indian Fine Arts Society : Sangita Kala Sickmani
Iyal Isai Nata Manram : Kolaimamani
Karthik Fine Arts: Isai Perilously
Mylapore Fine Arts Club: Sangita Kala Nimna (Sanskrit for low)
Narada Gana Sabha : Nada Karmam
Nungambakkam Cultural Academy: Sangita Kala Ignominy
Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha: Sangita Kolai Surety
Tamil Isai Sangam: Isai Purakkanippar
Tyagabrama Gana Sabha: Vani Kala Sodappara

And that makes a round dozen, which means 12 and which means a certain Superstar. No wonder the Season is so successful.