A heritage house in Mylapore

This house stands at the intersection of Muthuram Mudali and Mandaveli Streets at the southern edge of Mylapore. I have often admired it. Ever since I can remember it has been unoccupied but then my recollections of it are not more than five years. I have always wondered about its history. It certainly does not give any hints beyond the fact that it must have been the home of someone fairly important.

In the last few weeks I have noticed a shiny new lock on the front door and that is always an ominous sign. More alarming is a pile of sand that has now appeared. It indicates ‘development’. I wish someone out there will have the imagination to try a bed and breakfast place in one of these heritage homes. What a place it will be during Navaratri, the December season and the Kapaliswarar utsavam! It may mark the beginning of a new and positive trend. But somehow I am not sanguine about this place. Rs 5 crores a ground (2400 sq ft)cash down sounds far higher than whatever a B&B can make over several years, even though the reverse may be true.