Our Worshipful city father
Who is in Ripon Buildings
Has today we gather
Given us glad tidings

That from 24th February
There will be no pay & use
And we may go in for free
Into any of the public loos

And enter with no diffidence
Any Mandapam or Community Hall
To commit the same nuisance
That we earlier did on a wall

So some cynics may ask
As to what is different or new
Well, you can complete your task
Hidden from public view

But what of the vast populace
Which does not care a wit
Or for that matter grimace
When in public it needs to shit?

Will they really take the effort
To go inside a closed premises
To squat or scat or simply squirt
What could be done in open spaces?

Well there are a few advantages
Of peeing in a community hall
You may be welcomed at marriages
And given a free lunch after all

You may also get a take home gift
And probably get the bride to kiss
Just for dropping in for a swift
Relieving of bowel or a piss

But if we don’t pay for our use
Who will clean the toilets?
I shudder to think of the loos
With soiled pans and fawcets

So it may be back to the open
Every time nature calls
And if needing immediate attention
The nearest compound walls