After today’s announcement of 1 cell phone free for every BPL family, the following are worth considering by parties interested in winning the next elections (Advani can stay away):

1. Touchscreen phones (Blackberry, Android, iphone)
2. 3 G connectivity
3. Free ring tone download and change
4. Bulk sms facility for up to 1 billion numbers

Once this lot is over…

1. i pad/tablet
2. Macbook Air
3. Free LCD projector for every family that has already got a free laptop
4. Datacard for dial-up internet access

Once that is over

1. Broadband
2. Cloud computing facility

At the end of this, everyone will be rich and nobody will be BPL. That of course will make no difference to the BRL (Below Reservation Line).
Earlier, leaders and people were foolish to imagine that education, a competitive spirit, values and a will to succeed would bring people out of poverty. Now all that is gone and what we need are all these gizmos. The question is, where is the power to charge these phones and other gadgets?