Let me assure one and all that I am a fan of Rajesh Khanna’s early films. But I still feel that we have gone overboard in mourning the passing of a man who was a superstar for 10 years only. After that he was a mess. His later movies (I remember one called Maqsad) were egregiously bad. And so why does a national newspaper which would have reported Sivaji Ganesan’s passing as “veteran actor passes” devote four columns on page 1 to Kaka? Is it a case of kakka?

Based on this, I have left my mind run wild and here are some aspects that have been left out:

1. Arnab Goswami – A panel discussion with Dimple, Tina Munim and Anju Mahendru – Did Rajesh Khanna die of old age or did he miss his fans?

2. A statement from MK- Thambi Rajes was always a lover of Tamil and this is evident in the films of Devar that he acted in. He must have also been sympathetic to Eelam. So I demand a statue of his be put up on the Marina. If I had been in power, it would have been done.

3. PB Srinivos – I have composed a raga called Rajeshkhannapriya. I have also composed a poem on him

4. Mamata Bannerjee’s ultimate tribute – He was not a maoist

5. S Muthiah (after it was explained as to who Rajesh Khanna was) – We will declare Madras Week as Rajesh Khanna week

6. His ardent follower Sriram V – These will be the list of Madras Musings talks for Madras (sorry, Rajesh Khanna week)

19th – S Muthiah – The Anju Mahendru photo that hangs in the Madras Cricket Club – this will also be the subject of a Madras Miscellany column with several postman’s knocks afterwards.

20th – Sriram V – The stories of some of Kaka’s films. A powerpoint presentation

21st – Karthik Bhatt – The Gujarati connection – Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim

22nd – Sushila Ravindranath – Did his films make money for theatres in Madras?

23rd (Madras day) – Release of first-day cover depicting Rajesh Khanna in Devar’s Haathi Mere Saathi

Talk by Mohan Raman – Kakavum Yaanaiyum

24th – Randor Guy – What Kaka did while not shooting in Madras

25th – Shobha Menon – Trees that Rajesh Khanna ran around in wet clothes while shooting in Madras

26th -Chitrahaar/Oliyum Oliyum special – Song and dance sequences from Rajesh Khanna films

It is also reliably learnt that the Federation of City Based Sabhas has declared that this year’s Music Festival will be dedicated to Rajesh Khanna. All singers must include at least one song each on Rajeshwari and Kannan. The dance programmes must include Rajesh Khanna’s typical movements of angular head shakes and jogging. Lec dems will include a special discussion on the Karanas in Kaka’s Dance.A slew of new awards – Sangita Kakanidhi, Sangita Kaka Shikhamani, Isai premnagar, Sangita Kakacharya etc will be instituted.

However Kalakshetra will not participate in this as it will be busy filing court cases against itself. It has also refused to change its name to Kakakshetra.

Any more ideas welcome