Season ‘Vumboid’ # 29

The problem with most Sabhas is that the Sound Man is not sound.





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  1. kiran Avatar

    “sound” and “acoustics” are complicated topics. Some of the big rock bands (“pink floyd” for example) have sound engineers [ (hyperlink includes the paranthesis) ] as part of their teams. It seems to be such a complicated thing.

    In carnatic setting, it looks like there are mutliple dimensions. Looks like there are individual (vocalist’s and each of the accompanying artist’s) requirements and some times those reqs may be conflicting. Unless the “sound guy” is really sound:-), it is difficult to satisfy them all. And it hurts me to see the artists looking dissatisfied (even if it is just one of those 4/5 artists on the stage). I never sat on the other side of fence (stage) to understand the stuff, but from audience side, most (>90%) of the times there are no compliants (apart from complaints on loudness of volume, which I think occurs > 90% of the time). General thing I hear is that mridangists seem to demand greater volume so they are more clearly heard, and in the process drown out other sources of music. Not sure if this is true (ofcourse I have seen mridangists demanding higher volume). The chances are that as the “sound guy” handles the requirements of mridangists, he is undoing the requirements of vocalist or violinist causing next iterations of requirements from each. The other dimension is the acoustics of the hall etc which is a complex subject too.

    One of the sabhas in Bangalore (RMV sangeetha sabha in Sanjay Nagar) has a “sound guy” who makes no sound (I mean, this chap hardly talks..and doesn’t show any sort of expression on the it is impossible to know for the artists if he is acting on their requirement. he seems to be adjusting a few things here and there but doesn’t give that confidence to us that he is in control of things :-)). BTW this is not a remark on the is a pretty decent and sincere sabha.

    Oops I types too much…But don’t want to use backspace key 🙂

  2. kiran Avatar

    Oops I types too much… => Oops I typed too much…

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