I did not get around all that much as it rained most of the time. And given that I met with ten suppliers in four days, there was not much sight-seeing I could do of this pretty town. The people are the city’s and indeed the country’s best feature. They are remarkably friendly and helpful.

The Taichung downtown is typically modelled on the American downtown. Full of bright lights. It is a lovely long walk if the weather is good, made comfortable by wide footpaths, plenty of shops, bright lights, and a very organised and disciplined traffic.

I missed the obligatory visit to the Night Market (nigh makey in local parlance), with the associated purchase of lacquer ware and the foot massage. But hopefully next time. But I did buy tea, as I always do during my trips here.

A very good feature of this city is the seriousness with which it undertakes tree transplantation. And it is evidently quite successful at it.

Food here has never been a problem, thanks to the number of Indian restaurants. And plenty of Taiwanese are vegetarians too. The suppliers and us have a strategy. Lunch is Taiwanese and dinner Indian. That way, each of us gets to taste something of the other’s cuisine. It is my opinion that the Taiwanese manage far better with Indian food than we with theirs.

But all said and done, it is nice to head home. Thayir Sadam beckons as always. Not to forget Paruppusili, Avial and other such local delights.