The Government has announced that the Anna Centenary Library will become a pediatric hospital (the finest the world has ever seen etc). Earlier it was announced that the New (Old) Assembly would also become a hospital. There are some more locations that can also be considered. In working out this list, I have kept in mind that all these structures had something to do with the previous regime.

1. Anna Arivalayam – Since Arivu is the key word here, this can be for brain surgeries.

2. Senate House – This has been lying vacant for years and it was in the last regime that a museum here was considered. Why not a hospital for youth?

3. Victoria Public Hall – Previous regime spent Rs 3 Crores in it. Since it is named after a lady, a gynecological hospital would be best. In the old days we had what were called Lying In Hospitals.

4. Metro Rail Network – Complete it and then convert all the stations into nursing homes. The trains can become ambulances in which the sick and elderly can travel for treatment. The Mono will be our new solution. If there is a regime change, the Mono will become a hospital and the Metro will become the transport solution.

5. Semmozhi Poonga – Nature therapy, with Woodlands catering

6. Adyar Poonga – Hydro therapy

7. The Triplicane Police Station – Old Kalaignar always claimed that he saved it (he conveniently did not touch upon Government House, Cooum House, Gandhi Illam and the Guard House, all of which he had demolished). This will be an outpatient location for police personnel.

8. Kalaignar Maligai (now Kalai Maligai) on Queen Marys College Campus- A sea-side home for the geriatric

9. Ice House (and may the monks of Ramakrishna Mission forgive me for this) – Treatment of those with hyperpyrexia (high fevers). MK wanted it made the Institute for Classical Tamil and later changed his mind.

10. DPI campus (including Madras Literary Society) – A new Medical College

11. The Tiruvaduturai (sic) Rajarathinam Pillai Hall by the Muttamizh Peravai near Adyar – for aural implants and music therapy