And he was Sivaji Ganesan, with the Ganesan being his real and given name. Sivaji was after all only a title, though that is the name by which he became famous. But whoever it was that has put up this sign evidently thought Ganesan was his caste name and so it should not be included. Oh no no! That would never do in this casteless society of ours! As for Chevalier becoming Sevalia!

On a similar note, the late BN Reddy, pioneering filmmaker, has a road named after him in T Nagar. His full name was Bommireddy Narasimha Reddy. The Reddy vanished when caste on road signs was ruled to be an anachronism. And so it became B Narasimha Road. Now it is Narasimman Road! How does it commemorate poor old BN?