This is to everyone who may chance to read this blog. I am presently working on a history of the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I am looking for photos/portraits of the following men who were its Chairmen. If any descendant of theirs chances to read this and has any pics, I will be most happy to receive them and also duly acknowledge the source in the book. I am giving year of Chairmanship and some brief info on the person in the parentheses.

John Line (Of Line & Co, Chairman 1839/40)
James Scott (Of Binny, Chairman 1840-42,1854)
John Utley Ellis (of Parry, Chairman 1842/43)
J Ouchterlony (of Ouchterlony & Co and Ouchterlony Valley, Ooty, a pioneer in coffee, Chairman 1843-45, 1848, 1851, 1853, 1856)
James Thomson (Chairman 1845/46)
John Binny Key (of Binny, Chairman 1846/47,1856)
George Arbuthnot (of Arbuthnot & Co, Chairman 1847/48)
Henry Nelson (of Parry, fought against Income tax, Chairman 1849, 1859/60)
William Mctaggart (Chairman 1850)
William Urquhart Arbuthnot (Arbuthnot & Co,Chairman 1850)
John Vans Agnew (Arbuthnot & Co, Chairman 1858)
Alfred John Byard (Bainbridge, Byard, Gair & Co, Chairman 1861, 1864, 1869)
William Reirson Arbuthnot (Arbuthnot & Co, Chairman 1861, 1868)
Henry Tolputt (Lecot & Co, Chairman 1864/65)
John Young (Chairman 1865)
John Charles Loch (Parry, Chairman 1869)
Patrick Mcfadyen (Arbuthnot & Co, 1870-71, 1874-77, 1879-1880)
Robert Chillingworth Walker (Parry, Chairman 1872)
John Jones (Parry, Chairman 1877)
Alexander Mackenzie (Chairman 1879)
James Charles Shaw (Parry, Chairman 1883-84)
SR Turnbull (Chairman 1887-88, 1891-92, 1898-99)
D Rasbotham (of Binny, Chairman 1888)
GL Chambers (of Chambers & Co, Chairman 1895-96)
CEP Vans Agnew (of Arbuthnot, Chairman 1899)
AJ Yorke (of Parry, Chairman 1901/02, 1905/06, 1908)
H Scott (of Binny, Chairman 1903)
Sir WB Hunter (Bank of Madras, Chairman 1913)
TM Ross (of Best & Co, Chairman 1924/25)
HFP Hearson (The Bombay Company Limited, Chairman 1929/30)
WM Browning (Chairman 1934)
GA Bambridge (of Binny, Chairman 1937)
HS Town (of Binny, Chairman 1945/46)
WT Williams (Chairman 1947)
BW Batchelor (of Binny, Chairman 1949)
HS Macqueen (Chairman 1951)
T Rogers (Best & Co, Chairman 1955)
JR Galloway (Gordon Woodroffe, Chairman 1956)
EJM Leigh (Binny, Chairman 1958)
EFG Hunter (Binny, Chairman 1960)
MJ Edwards (Parry, Chairman 1963)
DW Law (Binny, Chairman 1964)
EWD Jeffares (of Binny, Chairman 1968)
ME Bourcier (of WA Beardsell, Chairman 1970)