This is a story that may be proceeding to a happy ending. I had been meaning to photograph this sign for quite some time now, passing as I do that way several times in a day. On Monday last, aided and abetted by the fact that I was already late for office and a few more minutes this way or that did not matter, I decided to take the photo. A man watched me till the end and then came and asked as to why I was taking a picture. Thinking that he is one of those cursed busybodies who does not like any photographs being taken of public spots (can you ever upload a photo of a private spot I wonder), I quickly replied that the English errors had made me do it. I then swiftly got into the car with as much dignity as I could muster (which is not much), only to have him running after me.

I decided to have it out with the fellow. Having put my camera safely away so that he could not make a dash for it, I asked him menacingly as to what he wanted. I was taken aback by his answer – “I want to know what the errors are,” he said. “You see, I am the contractor for that parking lot and so if you tell me the details, I will get a new sticker made.”

I restrained myself from embracing the fellow and gave him the corrections.I have since passed that way and not seen any changes but I am hopeful. I think the chap must be new to Chennai (oorkku putchu) for I cant attribute this humility to anything else. And if he doesn’t make the change, then I can understand that he has become acclimatized to the city!