I missed it as I went to Calcutta (after 18 years). However, on the night before the Ther, I did take this photograph of it, in all readiness to host Kapali. A new feature I noticed this year, was that in the Somaskanda icon, the Skanda is detached and placed on the lap of Kapaliswara, almost as though the father is showing his infant son the sights of Mylapore. On enquiry I found out that this has been the practice for the past four years though I never noticed it myself.

Those who attended the Ther festival said that the entire procession was completed in record time. It set out at 6.00 am and by 9.30 am it was back at the base. This must have been done keeping in mind the traffic on RK Mutt Road. Serves you right Kapali! Just think of our plight when we are made to make haste inside your temple. Now we have paid you back in your own coin.