Now that this verdant precinct is being handed over “temporarily” to Metrorail, heaven knows when it will come to its original shape. It is a shame as so much of money was spent as recently as in 2006 to restore it. A few photographs of this historic park (1st celebration of May Day, the founding of the Dravida Kazhagam etc took place here) are given below. EVR will always be associated with this park as will Lord Napier, after whom it was originally named. He it was who said that India should not be the preserve of Manchester and called for setting up of Indian industries.

My friend Rajaram can write volumes on Boddam and why he got a statue!

This Asoka Pillar was unveiled by SS Rajendran when he was an MLA in the presence of Mayor Moses, PK Ramdass and AA Kabalamoorthy. This was in 1966. Politics made strange bedfellows!

I am sure that after x years (which I hope is less than 55 for I hope it happens before my vedic lifespan of a 100) the park will be returned to the Government and made into a park again. Then we will have one more plaque!

What this is I dont know. I think it is a symbolic warning to the public not to commit any ‘solid’ nuisance. As you can see this has a close resemblance to that. As for liquid nuisance, plenty of our citizenry was committing that all around the compound. I think we need a fountain here.