I have been advised to go easy on coffee. A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Sanjay Subrahmanyan extracted a promise from me that I would give it up completely. And so, since then, I have had to make do with a very inferior drink called tea. I knew that such things as tea did exist but it is only now I am forced to take cognisance of it. What a come down in life. My nadir was reached when I had tea in Saravana Bhavan, than which nothing worse can be imagined. And this when all around me worshippers of coffee were going about their sacred rituals. I always thought that coffee is like violin play. When made(played) badly, it is the worst. That was until I came to tea. Maybe a day will come when I will be a whiz on tea, being able to differentiate between oolong and korakunda, though given my anglophile nature I suppose I will eventually settle down to Earl Grey (like all tea it is like dishwater but at least it has an aristocratic name). But I have bid the world of robusta and pea-berry a farewell forever. However, I can still salivate over old coffee ads like this one. I cannot however, see Sarada in the role of the woman in the pic!