1. Marina Beach – Tilakar Thidal
2. Vishwakamal building, RK Mutt Road -originally Krishna Vilas, the place where the Congress party was first mooted
3. Fort St George – the flag post on which Arya Bhashyam evaded security and hosted the Congress flag on 26th January 1930
4. Tiruvottiyur Tyagier’s house (Ramaswami Street) – where SPY Surendranath Arya was given shelter
5. Satyamurty’s house, Sundara (Thanikachalam Chetty street)
6. Rajaji’s House – Bazullah Road
7. Sladens Gardens/Kalki Gardens (Kilpauk)- where Gandhi stayed when Badruddin Tyabji lived there. Later it was MS Subbulakshmi’s house
8. YMIA Gokhale Hall
9. Broadway – for the famous Simon Commission protest by T Prakasam
10. Theosophical Society – Annie Besant connection
11. New India Building – Second Line Beach
12. The Grove, Yeldham’s Road where under the Divi Divi tree, New India was edited when the Government banned the publishing of the paper from any premises
13. Sasi Vilas (alas demolished)- where Subramania Bharati was given shelter
14. Bharati Illam
15. Vai Mu Kothainayaki Ammal’s house on Car Street, Triplicane
16. Ambujammal’s House, Alwarpet
17. Gandhi Irwin Bridge
18. Memorial Hall (commemorates the Sepoy Mutiny)
19. Gandhi Peak on Pycrofts Road
20. YMCA Building on NSC Bose Road (Gandhi first spoke here in 1914)
21. My Ladye’s Garden – where a civic reception was held for Gandhi in 1914
22. The Spurtank (venue of the 1927 Congress Session), there were at least six other sessions in the city
23. Evening Bazar road where the famous Bhagat Singh song books would be sold
24. Memorial to Gandhi’s concept of Satyagraha outside Chola Sheraton (It was while staying at the bungalow that stood here that Gandhi first thought of it)
25. The Hindu’s office on 100 Mount Road (later the ACJ building)

Please add more if you can think of them