The ther festival was taking place in all its glory when I reached South Mada Street at 9.00 am. It was a race between Kapali and me and He won on all counts. I was late already and so decided to leave the car near the Sai Baba Temple and walk to South Mada Street. At that time Kapali’s chariot was near the Mylapore Benefit Fund office. Having struggled my way through I realised that there was no way I could go behind Kapali and take a look at Amman. I therefore decided to take a clockwise route, go along the tank, cut into Ponnambala Vadyar Street, take a right and catch up with Amman at South Mada Street. I thought that this way I would be able to turn left into one of the streets leading from South Mada Street to Mandaveli, walk through to RK Mutt Road and then on to Sai Baba Temple and take the car. I thought Kapali would take his time cross South Mada Street. But He was just too clever. Thoroughly confused by the crowd, I took a wrong turning after seeing the Amman and was back behind Kapali instead of walking on to Mandaveli!

There was nothing to be done but to follow Him all the way to RK Mutt Road and see Him off there. So there were plenty of photo opportunities.