Chennai Heritage Programmes for Madras Week


Heritage Tours: All Chennai Heritage tours are priced at Rs 250 per head and require reservations in advance.


Date Theme Starting Point & Time Time Duration Contact for reservation
15/8/09 The Justice Party 6.15 am at Panagal Park entrance 2hrs 30 mins 
16/8/09 Some Dubashes of Madras 6.15 am at the High Court Compound, NSC Bose Road 2 hrs
16/8/09 The Story of the Beach 6.15 am at the Mahatma Gandhi Statue 2 hrs
23/8/09 Swami Vivekananda’s Madras 6.15 am at the Ramakrishna Math, Kutchery Road, Mylapore 2hrs 30 mins

The Justice Party tour itinerary takes you through T Nagar and details the history of the party that was the founder of several present day trends in Tamil Nadu politics. Many of the leaders of the party are commemorated with streets names in this area. Many more have been forgotten. Come to celebrate the roles of Sir Pitty Thyagaraya Chetty, the Rajah of Paanagal, C Natesa Mudaliar, Dr TM Nair, J Venkatanarayana Naidu, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty, Sivagnanam Pillai, Sir AP Patro and many more. Led by Sriram V


Dubashes, or men who knew two languages – Dvi Bhashis played a tremendous role in the creation of Madras that is Chennai. Though largely forgotten, their contributions are worth commemorating, whether positive or negative. Come and celebrate the histories of Cassa Verona, Thambu Chetty, Alangatha Pillai, Sunkurama Chetty, Avadhanam Papaiah, V Perumal Chetty and family, Ketty Narain Dewan Bahadur V Shanmuga Mudaliar and a couple of other surprises. Led by Sriram V


Swami Vivekananda’s two visits to Madras that is Chennai were studies in contrast. In the first he was completely unknown and the story of his movements here is a study of the citizens gradually discovering a treasure in their midst. When he came the second time, he was an international celebrity and the city rose in jubilation. Let us trace his path from through popular locations such as Ice House to the unknown sites such as Rahmat Bagh and Patters Gardens. Led by Karthik Bhatt and Sriram V


All three are tours by van with short distances on foot. They all end with breakfast – a vital aspect of Chennai’s Heritage!




Date Venue Speaker Topic Time
16/8/09 Dublin, Park Sheraton Randor Guy Some scandals of Madras 4.00 PM
17/8/09 The Park Aruna Sairam A musician’s perspective of Chennai 6.30 PM
18/8/09 Park Sheraton CV Karthik Narayan Chennai- The Detroit of India 6.30 PM
19/8/09 Amir Mahal S Anwar Muslims and Mosques of Madras 6.30 PM
20/8/09 The Park Mohan Raman Madras Nalla Madras- Tribute to Nagesh 6.30 PM
21/8/09 Taj Coromandel Vedant Bharadwaj Music performance featuring songs from the city 7.00 PM
22/8/09 Rain Tree Chitra Madhavan The Four well-known temples of Madras 6.30 PM
23/8/09 Sir M Ct M Boys School, Puraswalkam Zhayyn James The Seven Wells and the Nicholas Family 5.00 PM

 All talks are free. Refreshments will be served for the first half hour after which the talks will begin


Roja Muthiah Library Talks- 17th August 2009 – Saravanan on Arutpa Marutpa, 18th August – Theodore Bhaskaran on Emden Potta Gundu. Both talks at 5.00 pm

Nizhal Walks


Both walks need registration in advance and are priced at Rs 50 per head.


Date Venue Time of Starting Contact
16/8/09 May Day Park (opposite Chindadripet MRTS) 6.45 am (walk is for 1 hr and 15 mins) 9445258328 or 9840744453
23/8/09 My Ladye’s Garden, Sydenhams Road 4.45 pm (walk is for 1 hr and 15 mins) 9445258328 or 9840744453



People’s Park Vazhi Nadai Chindu – A dance performance based on the poem of the same name published in 1915 describing the sights and scenes of Madras city as seen by a young couple as they walk from George Town to Mylapore to participate in the Arupathumoovar festival. Date: 16/8/09 Time: 9.00 am, Venue: Tag Centre; Admission restricted to the invitees of the South India Heritage Series and their guests


South India Heritage Series – Madras as seen in early Tamil films – an audio visual presentation by Mohan Raman. Date: 30/8/09 Time: 9.00 am, Venue: Tag Centre; Admission restricted to the invitees of the South India Heritage Series and their guests


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