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  • Recording of my talk on V Krishnaswami Aiyar

    Recording of a talk on V Krishnaswami Aiyar, eminent lawyer, judge, member of the Governor’s Executive Council and builder of many institutions of Madras, all in 48 years!

  • A talk on V Krishnaswami Aiyar

    This great personality has featured often on this blog. This being his 150th year of birth, his family members are commemorating the same with a get-together at the Sanskrit College Mylapore on 29th March, Saturday at 4.30 pm. I have been asked to give a talk on his life. All are welcome. In you case…

  • Once upon a Bank Crash – Part 1

    I wrote this review of The Fall of Arbuthnot & Co by Dr Rangaswami Srinivasan (East West Books (Madras) Pvt Limited) in 2006 and have ever since then been searching for it. Conceive of my delight when I found the old Madras Musings issue in which it came. On October 22, 1906, the gates of…

  • The V Krishnaswami Aiyar walk

    I was bracing myself to write a report on it when I found that Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy has made my task easy. Read all about it here http://krishvenkatesh.posterous.com/v-krishaswamy-iyera-short-life-marked-by-inst

  • The Tamil Nadu Government has informed the High Court of Madras that it has dropped the idea of building an elevated road along the East Coast Road. The project had faced strong protests from environmental activists and the fisher folk right from inception. The decision to drop it has therefore been widely welcomed. But all…