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  • Madras fights Tuberculosis -2/The Hospitals

    Madras fights Tuberculosis -2/The Hospitals

    In the second of my series on how Madras fought tuberculosis, I deal with the early hospitals and sanatoria.

  • Goodness and Mercy- The life and times of Dr Mathuram Santosham

    Early this year, I was approached by Dr Ravi Santosham to do a book on his father, Dr Mathuram Santosham. I purely out of inertia refused only to have my father reproach me for it, citing the good doctor’s various achievements and stating that it was an opportunity to write the biography of a “good…

  • The Tambaram Sanatorium

    The Tambaram Sanatorium is to most people a railway station, the sanatorium having long made way for a hospital. But its story, or that of its founder Dr David Jacob Aron Chowry-Muthu, is an interesting one. Savarimuthu was born in 1864 and of his early life there are no details. He proceeded to England to…