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  • Kadambavaneswarar Temple, Kulithalai

    Kadambavaneswarar Temple, Kulithalai

    Kadambavaneswarar Temple, Kulithalai – did you know the place takes its name from Kuzhi Thandalai – the grove in a depression? Read on for more details on this historic temple.

  • Sruti & Me

    Sruti & Me

    I was requested by Sruti magazine to write an article on my association with it. This was published in their November issue. It is rather interesting that in the span of one week, I am writing articles on my association with two publications of our city – The Hindu, which turned 140 in September and…

  • Manna, My Friend

    In the passing of Manna Srinivasan, the world of Carnatic Music has lost a friend. I think it was Nagarathnamma who once said that just as everyone cannot get into a palanquin for it needs bearers, music too needs rasikas, everyone cannot be a performer. Manna was a rasika and more importantly, a person who…