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  • Those Magnificent Railway Buildings

    Those Magnificent Railway Buildings

    Vinoo N Mathur in his book Indian Railway Buildings undertakes a comprehensive and well-written record of the Indian Railways’ built heritage.

  • North Beach – a Lost Landmark

    North Beach – a Lost Landmark

    Recalling North Beach, once a prominent landmark that has now vanished in reality and from memory.

  • Are Courts the last refuge for heritage?

    A public interest petition has been filed in the High Court of Madras last week, seeking an order to prevent demolition of the historic Royapuram railway station. With this, the oldest surviving rail terminus of India has joined a long line of heritage structures that have sought legal protection from the wreckers’ hammer. As to…

  • Royapuram – where railway employees first struck work

    Today it may be a mere shell of its former self, but if its surviving grand pillars and walls could speak, they would tell us of a time when this was a busy railway terminus. Built essentially as a single platform with access through a Corinthian-pillared porch, it originally had a fully-functional first floor from…

  • First Line Beach – part 1

    First Line Beach, or Rajaji Salai, is the road that starts off from Fort St George and carries on to Royapuram. It is a long stretch, with a series of impressive buildings on the left and the port on its right. In its time, it was THE most important road of the city, for its…