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  • Poetry on Chennai – 4

    Poetry on Chennai – 4

    This episode in my series on Poetry on Chennai looks at a naughty Tamil verse composed on the women of Mamallapuram.

  • More on the Men at Mahabs

    More on the Men at Mahabs

    The politics of the Modi Xi summit is apparently nothing compared to the politics of the heritage world, as the Man from Madras Musings notes to his immense amusement.

  • The Mega Man at Mahabs

    The Mega Man at Mahabs

    The buzz began the moment the announcement was made that the Mega Man of the Moment (MMM) was meeting his Chinese counterpart at Mamallapuram. The man from madras musings (who in deference to the other MMM will be mmm for the purposes of this column alone unless such a term is deemed objectionable by parties…

  • Does Mamallapuram need an oceanarium?

    In the slew of schemes announced by the State Government just prior to the electoral code of conduct finally clamping a lid is a proposal to build a Rs 257 Crore oceanarium on 13 acres of land in Mamallapuram. Though the description of what is planned claims that this will be a site that will…

  • What price World Heritage status?

    The State is still coming back to normalcy from the fallout of a meeting in Mamallapuram, the historic port a short distance from Chennai. While our sympathies are with the families of those who sustained losses, we are also concerned at the probable damage that could have been done to the Shore Temple which, along…

  • No tombstone this

    You could almost pass it off as a historic memorial stone. It has all the prerequisites – lying unkempt by the roadside, covered with political posters etc. But this is not one. And it has company for it is one of a series that line either side of the approach road to Mahabalipuram town proper.…