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  • Handling vaccines, in 1803

    Handling vaccines, in 1803

    Recently, I was asked to give a talk for around ten minutes on the life of Dr WS Swami Naick, whose life needs no introduction to regulars of┬áMadras Musings. Briefly put, he was born in the 1760s and joined the Madras Army as a medical assistant. He found his true calling however, when he was…

  • How Madras eradicated smallpox

    How Madras eradicated smallpox

    When Michael Ryan, ED of WHO commented recently that India has enormous capacity for pandemic eradication, one of the examples cited was smallpox, which Madras had a major role in curing

  • Slayer of Smallpox

    Remembering Dr Ayyagari Ramachandra Rao who eradicated smallpox from our city, 50 years ago.