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  • Security for Coffee

    Security for Coffee

    What happens when a pot of coffee waits outside an airport and a group of passengers are unable to make their way out to have it? A solution was found, and well within the rules too, much to the delight of the Man from Madras Musings

  • ‘Stellar Cash’ coffee in Chennai

    Will Starbucks be able to stand up to Saravana Bhavan or Adyar Ananda Bhawan?

  • A degree in coffee

    The gate communities may not be flourishing on the road by the coast and its illustrious parallel thoroughfare further inland but The Man from Madras Musings can tell you what appear to be flourishing – coffee shops. All along the two roads (Exasperatingly Congested and Only Motorcars Roads) several of these establishments have come up.…

  • Friends of the Earth, the Stanes Story

    That was the title of my 8th book. It was released by the Hon APJ Abdul Kalam in September last year in Coimbatore. The book is on the 150 year history of T Stanes & Co, British founded and later acquired by the Amalgamations group. Madras Musings has carried a two part review of the…

  • A day of small joys

    There is plenty to grumble about anyway. INTACH lost, the weather is bad, power cuts are rife, the traffic miserable…And then there are the small things that make life interesting. This afternoon I had a long car journey to make. And as always, I listen to music while driving or being driven. Today I selected…