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  • Rediscovering Chepauk’s first club house

    Rediscovering Chepauk’s first club house

    Tucked away under the massive MA Chidambaram Stadium is the historic Madras Cricket Club which turned 175 this year. The Club is now resident in the building featured in our PRESENT and this is soon slated to make way for a new structure to promises to reflect heritage as well. This is the picture marked…

  • The Six Gardens of the Begum

    The Six Gardens of the Begum

    There is no truth in the story that Chepauk gets its name from Cheh Baugh or six gardens of the Nawab. What is interesting is that the Begum of Arcot owned six gardens across the city.

  • The etymology of some Chennai place names

    The circulating theories behind place names in Chennai are mostly flights of fancy with no facts to back them. Here are some examples.

  • The father of Indian Cricket in Madras

    To the citizens of 19th Century Madras, Modhavarappu Dera Venkataswami Naidu was something of a wonder. Tall and aristocratic in mien, he had migrated from Nellore and became dubash of Parry & Co., in which capacity he amassed enormous wealth. This he invested wisely and well. Most of the present-day industrial area of Kakalur was…