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  • Chennai 600002 #MadrasDay

    Chennai 600002 #MadrasDay

    Continuing with my series on Chennai postal codes, I look at 600002 which covers a segment of Anna Salai/Mount Road, Chintadripet, Pudupet and some areas close by. Happy #MadrasDay!

  • When Madras clothed the Indian army

    When Madras clothed the Indian army

    A casual glance at a telephone directory of Chennai dating to the 1930s revealed an Army Clothing Depot Street off Mount Road and that led to some interesting finds.

  • Lost landmarks of Chennai – Airlines Hotel

    Remembering the glorious days of a building that still stands, though awaiting demolition – D’Angelis first, Bosotto next, Airlines Hotel a third and now an empty shell.

  • In the shadow of the LIC Building

    This article appeared today in The Hindu, but I am unable to locate a link. The LIC Building on Anna Salai remains a landmark despite several new high-rises coming up. To heritage enthusiasts however, the colonial bungalow just behind is of greater interest. In its time it lorded over a mammoth 100 grounds on Mount…

  • Short and Snappy dated 1st April 2012

    The great divide The readers of this publication can be strictly divided into two categories. One variety imagines Madras Musings to be the local variant of The Times, London. Stately corridors, an army of staff gliding up and down steps and along corridors, the Chief in a panelled sanctum, the rest of the gang, The…

  • More threats to heritage from Metrorail

    The travails of the Bharat Insurance (formerly Kardyl) Building do not seem to end. After a half-done demolition, the High Court of Madras ordered its preservation. This was challenged in the Supreme Court by the LIC, the owner of the premises. It is now reliably learnt that the Metrorail is eyeing a part of the…

  • Theatre in memory of a thespian

    One of the advantages of writing, said N Ram of The Hindu once to me, was that you could always come back to a topic! It so happened that I was walking by the LLA Buildings last week and decided to pop in and take some photos of the sorry state of the Avvai Shanmugam…

  • A slice of Mount Road

    A part history of Mount Road –http://xsreal.com/blog/?p=43